Soil Conditioner (Approx. 1.6 Tonne load)


Our soil conditioner is derived from recycled green waste which has been shredded, composted and screened to 12mm. It has a pH value of around 8.5  and its NPK is around  8:3:6 and therefore ideal to improve fertility of topsoil. Perfect to dig in to your soil as a soil conditioner  but equally can be laid on the surface to initially act as a mulch.

If you are preparing a heavy soil for a new lawn  this product, spread across the surface , will allow you to walk on the area without it sticking to your boots. It will also allow fine grading of the finished level in readiness  to lay turf.  A trade secret.

We supply this as a loose load of around 2.5m3 (1.6 tonne). Tipped out it will spill out over an area of 4m x 4m.

Delivery cost (usually £36, but subject to distance), will be added at checkout if required