Screened Topsoil, Bulk Bag (700-750kg)


This is a superb blend of our finest locally sourced natural topsoil mixed with Organic Compost and screened to 10mm .  The Organic Compost is PAS100 certified so adds rich nutrients to the topsoil. Organic Blended Topsoil is a rich natural topsoil with slow releasing macro nutrients and trace minerals. Packed with added organic compost to improve structure and drainage, this quality topsoil will give your plants a nutrient boost and strong healthy growth.

Organic Blended Topsoil is:

  • Natural, fertile, nutrient rich
  • Blended approx. 80% topsoil to 20% organic compost
  • pH 6.5-7
  • Screened
  • 100% peat free helping to maintain plants and wildlife habitats that rely on lowland peat bogs

Note… Max 2 bags per delivery .

Important…… We do not have lift off facility on our truck so bags are tipped off carefully but may well spill out, so  treat as if loose.

Delivery cost (usually £36, but subject to distance), will be added at checkout if require