Enviromat (Sedum Mat) 1m2


Our Sedum Green Roof  matting is  designed for use on either flat roofs or those with a slope of 3 – 20 degrees. Therefore, if you have a flat roof with a slope of 3 degrees or less you may need to add a drainage mat as well.

More than just a fad or decorative novelty, a living green roof provides insulation, helps prevent flooding, filters pollutants from the air, absorbs noise and provides food and shelter for a vast variety of wildlife.

From the moment you unroll Enviromat Sedum Matting your roof will be carpeted with vegetation, a living carpet of gorgeous hardy sedum plants.

Every single one of the sedum mats we use in our Enviromat sedum green roof kits is seeded with 7 different types of sedum, being nurtured outdoors in our nursery for at least 9 – 12 months. We ensure that every single plant is strong enough to dispatch to you, ensuring the best quality sedum mats for your green roofs. On top of this, each plant species is chosen for their disease resistance, drought tolerance, long flowering period and unenviable good looks.

All of our matting is made using recycled materials and products, meaning that you can feel safe that your new green roof kit is environmentally friendly from nursery to home. It is very strong and easy to install, whilst also carefully designed to keep the growing medium within the mat. This means that you won’t see any loss of substrate through the handling or transportation of the green roof kit, or from heavy rain after installation.

Enviromat  contains sedums that are drought-tolerant, meaning that they only need to watered occasionally during extended period of dry weather. On top of this, they are all low maintenance, only requiring a specialist sedum feed every spring, unless your roof is pitched at a steep angle or exposed to drying wind.

For roofs with a pitch of 10 degrees or more, we strongly recommend installing an irrigation system and applying feed in early spring and early summer.

Before you begin

Please ensure that your roof is suitable for a sedum green roof. It must be able to carry a weight of 120Kg per square metre. (This figure includes ‘live loading’ so a coating of snow or a person walking on the roof will not compromise the building structure).

Waterproofing needs to be in good condition. A green roof build up will not fix any issues and it will be more difficult to make repairs once the layers are in place.

If your  roof has no upstand, you will need to create an edging to protect the green roof build-up. Please get in touch with us  if you need advice on how to do this.

Key Points

  • Flowering Time: April – October (depending on local weather conditions).
  • Height when fully grown is generally around 15cm but can vary.
  • Plants are perennial and frost hardy down to around -20 degrees celcius.
  • Enviromat sedum matting is mown before despatch to minimise damage to plants. They will not be in flower when it is delivered.
  • Install at any time of year.
  • The balance of plant species is affected by soil type, management, pollinator populations and local climatic conditions. Expect your Enviromat Sedum Matting to change appearance from year to year.

Plant species in Enviromat Green Roof mats

Please note: Species and proportions may vary depending on availability of seed through the seasons. Not all species listed will appear in every piece of Enviromat.

  • White Stonecrop (S.album)
  • Gold Sedum (S.kamtschaticum)
  • Widow’s Cross (S.pulchellum)
  • Crooked Yellow Stonecrop (S.reflexum)
  • Two-row stonecrop (S.spurium)
  • Tasteless stonecrop (S.sexangulare)
  • Biting stonecrop (S.acre)
  • Meadow Saxifrage (Saxifragia granulata)