Screened Topsoil (approx. 2 tonne, loose load)


Our topsoil is generally locally sourced and stockpiled for reuse. It is screened to 15mm  and blended  with soil conditioner (Composted Waste) to produce a  workable, fertile product usable for many applications.  It is stockpiled again and each order is loaded, delivered and tipped loose .

This topsoil is perfect for making up levels prior to lawn laying and it rakes out well to give a good  surface to lay  turf on. It is also well suited to vegetable plots or shrub borders.

Delivered in approx. 2 tonne loads it will tip out in a heap which will sit on a 3m x 3m sheet .

Note: this is a full load for our truck and any turf  ordered will be delivered separately 

Delivery cost (usually £36, but subject to distance), will be added at checkout if required