Autumn / Winter Fertiliser (2.5Kg tub)


Whether or not your turf is new or the garden has been there for years, every lawn and garden out there needs to be looked after and maintained! Your turf is just as important to feed than everything else so ensuring you are feeding it the correct balance of nutrients is crucial. This way, you can rest assured that your lawn will continue to stay lush, green and healthy throughout the year. Just in time for your summer BBQ!

Our Autumn and Winter lawn feed is designed and produced specifically to help your garden stay rejuvenated throughout the colder months. Balanced perfectly, our Autumn and Winter lawn feed fertiliser is exactly what you need to grow well-established lawns throughout both of these seasons.

Each tub of Autumn and Winter lawn feed covers a total of 100 square metres and is able to last 3 months. It is used by a large number of professionals throughout the United Kingdom, so it’s handy that you know the 3 main ingredients:

  • Nitrogen to promote leaf growth and give an opulent, green appearance.

  • Phosphorus to assure the grassroots stay strong and healthy.

  • Potassium to help your lawn fight disease and increase its water absorption.