Pre Turf Fertiliser (2.5kg tub)



·         N  Nitrogen is also used to promote leaf growth.

·         P   Phosphorus in order to build a strong, healthy and clean grassroots.

·         K   Potassium to prevent lawn disease as well as increasing the roots water absorption rate.

Our Turfman Pre-Seeding/Turfing Feed helps to build strong root growth and faster establishment for freshly laid turf. We recommend distributing the fertiliser over prepared soil prior to laying the new turf. This will ensure that the fresh lawn is healthy, green and grown fast.

The turf feed can be applied all year round, however, for best results we recommend avoiding application during heat waves and droughts.

Our Pre-Seeding/Turfing Feed contains nitrogen, this is used in order to increase and promote leaf growth. The phosphorous encourages healthy, disease free and strong roots.

If you’re using our pre-seeding and turfing feed as a pre-turfing fertiliser, we recommend that you apply to the soil with the following measurements – 35 grams per square metre, then work the granules into the first 20-30mm of the soil with a rake. Once the turf is laid on top, it is important that the soil is well watered. We recommend the fertiliser is reapplied onto the established lawn six weeks after laying, this will provide the grass with sufficient nutrients for the first six months.

You have enough in the bucket for one application to 80m2 turf.